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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

Europe’s ecosystem research network


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Call Exchange: NINA

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Contact Person:

Duncan Halley


Calls that NINA researchers are interested in:

  • LC-CLA-11-2020
  • LC-CLA-17-2020
  • SC5-33-2020


Areas of Expertise

’s activities encompass resource assessment and monitoring, development of methodologies, environmental impact assessments, community-based resource management, and analysis of natural, anthropogenic and socio-economic aspects of biodiversity and resource management. Areas of research expertise include:

  • Ecosystem services
  • Sustainable harvesting of salmonid fish species, cervids and small game stocks
  • Monitoring and analysing time series data of species including plants, terrestrial birds and seabirds, insects and ecosystems health (terrestrial, freshwater)
  • Producing national indicators and reports on different aspects of biodiversity
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation
  • Environmental impact assessment related to land use change
  • Nature restoration
  • Land use and landscape analyses
  • Analyses of conflicts related to utilization of natural resources including coexistence with large predators
  • Recreational and traditional uses of nature
  • Nature friendly development of renewable energy production (hydroelectric power, on- and offshore wind power plants, transmission lines)
  • Evaluation of ecosystem condition and developing tools for ecosystem management
  • Interpretation of remote sensing
  • Green transformation