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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

Europe’s ecosystem research network


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Summer School panorama. Photo by Martin Sharman


The Summer School programme

The Summer School programme is available here. In general, the programme includes two talks in the morning and an aperitif talk in the late afternoon before dinner. All talks provide ample time for discussions. As the speakers usually stay for some days in Peyresq, there is a lot of time for informal discussions as well. Tutors will guide small working groups in the afternoons to work on a project connected to the Summer School themes. Working groups will have to summarize their results into a short synthesis report during the Summer School and will present their results from the project to the conveners, speakers and tutors on the last day.

Summer School 2014 - lecture

The 2016 Summer School will focus on:

  • Biodiversity, natural capital & ecosystem services;
  • Scenario building & adaptation to environmental change;
  • Monetary and non-monetary valuation of biodiversity & ecosystem services;
  • Conservation, restoration, participation & managing conflict;
  • Resilience of social & natural systems;
  • The science-society-policy interface, including IPCC and IPBES.


Here are the biographies of participants (speakers, students, organisers, etc).


In total, 22 speakers will come for few days to give their presentation and discuss with the students:

  • Dr. Allan Watt (CEH, UK): Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Prof. Dr. Berta Martín-López (Leuphana University, Germany): Ecosystem services valuation: the role of power relationships
  • Dr. Carsten Neßhöver (UFZ, Germany): The challenges of communicating knowledge to policy
  • Estelle Balian (Belgian Biodiversity Platform, Belgium): Stakeholders engagement in science-policy-society interfaces
  • Prof. Dr. Eeva Furman (SYKE, Finland): Natural capital, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions
  • Dr. Eeva Primmer (SYKE, Finland): Governance of ecosystem services
  • Dr. Francis Turkelboom (INBO, Belgium): Does the ecosystem service concept help local decision-makers?
  • Martin Sharman (Formely EC, Sweden): Biodiversity or natural capital: is there a choice?
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Rounsevell (University of Edinburgh, UK): Scenarios: an introduction
  • Prof Dr. Mark Sutton (CEH, UK): Nitrogen: friend or foe?
  • Dr. Meriwether Wilson (University of Edinburgh, UK): Ecosystem services in marine ecosystems
  • Mette Termansen: Valuing ecosystem services
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas Dendoncker (University of Namur, Belgium): A critical perspective on mapping
  • Prof. Steve Redpath (Aberdeen University, UK): Managing biodiversity conflicts
  • Dr. Thomas Koetz (IPBES): IPBES and the science-policy interface
  • Prof. Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE, France): Climate change and biodiversity
  • Prof. Kurt Jax (UFZ, Germany): Arguments for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services: from scientific research to ethical considerations
  • Dr. Erik Gomez (NINA, Norway): A critical perspective on valuation
  • Dr. Sybille van den Hove (MEDIAN, Spain): The science-policy-society interface - a future at sea
  • Dr. Stephen Cavers (CEH, UK): The natural capital of genes and evolution
  • Dr. Marie Vandewalle (UFZ, Germany): Natural capital, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions


Project work

During the Summer School, all students will work on one project altogether. More on the title and topic of this year’s project will be provided during the summer 2016.