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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

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2020-21 AHIA Proposal Selected

Demonstrating dependencies between humanity and nature towards a sustainable future: A nitrogen case-study" has been selected by the Alternet Council for AHIA funding.

This project was founded by a group of alumni from the 2019 ALTER-Net Summer School. Within its, lead author Bede West of UK-CEH and the project team will seek to present a different narrative of the relationship between people and nature. Challenging the prevailing societal view of humans as separate from nature, their proposal argues that "people are not a separate entity from the environment, just as the biosphere is an entangled part of our societies, ultimately depending on and shaping each other." It will investigate issues of the human-nature relationship within the context of nitrogen cycles.

This AHIA project will include partners from Alternet institutes, including: 

We're thrilled to lend Alternet support to this high-impact project and look forward to its development and outputs.