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ALTER-Net and PEER to organise joint session at Euroscience Open Forum ◄A►

Announcement of an international conference session

From 11-15 July 2012 international researchers, policy makers, business leaders and global media will gather in the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland to take part in the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2012.The ALTER-Net and PEER networks are organising a session entitled "Towards sustainable green infrastructure and thriving cultural ecosystem services: In seas and forests, from fields to cities".

Green infrastructure links natural, semi-natural and urban features, areas and spaces together and thus provides both ecological as well as societal well-being and resilience against dramatic changes. It provides humans with, among other things, cultural ecosystem services such as possibilities for recreation, inspiration, learning and spiritual gains.

The term 'green infrastructure' was first conceived within climate change research as an ecological way to help populations of plants and animals migrate and survive. The challenge now is to develop it as a much more social and economic concept for sustainable development of landscapes. But where can we find green infrastructure that supports sustainability and maintains its cultural ecosystem services? Can energy production from forests be sustainable and support recreational purposes? Which green infrastructures tolerate climate change and help to forward positive transformations to cultural ecosystem services?

The two European research networks, the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) and the Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Awareness Research Network (ALTER-Net) have enhanced research in the area of ecosystem services and green infrastructure and this workshop will be a joint contribution of the two networks. Through contributions by distinguished scientists and debate among different disciplinary angles, this session introduces novel ways of conceptualising nature-human relationship by linking ecological theories of sustainability into everyday life of human societies. The session elucidates the futures orientation of conservation and sustainability research and provides food for thought to the policy forum on the governance of European green infrastructure.

The ESOF programme will be published at

[note: the text above is from the ALTER-Net/PEER proposal; the final details of the session may change]

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