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EKLIPSE: Four New Open Calls

Four new EKLIPSE calls are now open.

In June of 2019, ALTER-Net agreed to manage the EKLIPSE mechanism. While official management will commence in August 2020, ALTER-Net is excited to promote the latest EKLIPSE project calls: four in total.

1) OPEN CALL for REQUESTS (CfR.5/2020):

EKLIPSE’s fifth Call For Requests is inviting policy, research and NGOs to identify topics or evidence needs relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services and of EU policy relevance, requiring in-depth analysis and a consolidated view from science and other knowledge holders. This call is the first Joint EKLIPSE – ALTER-Net call and the first generation of requests to be paid by the requesters. EKLIPSE mechanism will be managed by the ALTER-Net Network ( from August 2020 onwards. As EKLIPSE remains a European Union funded project until July 2020, the selected requesters will not pay the full cost for their request to be processed (see more details in the call).

Deadline to answer the Call: April 6th 2020
Form to Apply:

2) OPEN CALL for EXPERTS (CfE.8/2020):

In the frame of the request CfR.4/2019 on Post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy, EKLIPSE is inviting experts to share their knowledge on the topic and join a science-policy workshop “Transformative Change for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework“ on March 18th in Brussels.

Deadline to answer the Call: March 3rd 2020
Form to Apply:

3) OPEN CALL for KCB Members (CfKCB.3/2020):

EKLIPSE is inviting applications to join the Knowledge Coordination Body (KCB) until March 2022. The KCB has a key role within EKLIPSE as it organises and accompanies the knowledge synthesis processes. The KCB also coordinates the identification of research priorities and emerging issues, the Network of Networks, and encourages societal engagement, as well as other tasks required to set up a self-sustaining mechanism for evidence-based and evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Deadline to answer the Call: April 6th 2020
Form to Apply:


Review of the draft synthesis report of EKLIPSE expert working group on “Which types and components of urban and peri-urban blue spaces have a significant impact on human mental health and mental well-being?

Deadline to answer the Call: February 28th 2020
Form to review the report:

Since its inception in 2016, the EKLIPSE project has set up a knowledge synthesis and sharing mechanism with a focus on science-policy interface and societal engagement. EKLIPSE has now processed 13 requests on a range of topics linked to biodiversity and ecosystem services, from policy and societal actors such as the European Commission, IUCN, the French Ministry from the Environment, Buglife and many more. EKLIPSE uses a proven and robust process that responds to the evidence needs of requesters by producing a broad range of outputs synthesizing the best available knowledge to facilitate actionable policy recommendations. The added values of putting forward a request to EKLIPSE and/or to be part of an Expert Working Group are multifold, please have a look at the interviews video online on added values of the EKLIPSE approach.

Contact us if you have any questions: More information on the processes and the EKLIPSE mechanism: