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Summary report of IPBES-3 Stakeholder Days

IISD Reporting Services has issued a summary report of the two Stakeholder Days that preceded the 3rd Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services meeting in Bonn

The comprehensive summary of the two-day stakeholder event, which was attended by more than 90 participants, describes key points made by speakers and participants during their plenary and breakout sessions. The report was produced by the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Reporting Services as part of its coverage of the third IPBES meeting.

The discussions in Bonn (Germany) over the two days (10-11 January 2015) covered: key messages to IPBES-3; stakeholder coordination during IPBES-3, building on lessons learned from previous IPBES Plenary sessions; coordination of stakeholder activities during intersessional periods; concrete proposals for how stakeholders could contribution to the IPBES Work Programme; documents on the admission of observers and procedures for addressing conflicts of interest; and possible stakeholder statements and a process for stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder consultations priory to plenary meetings have been a feature of IPBES since its formal establishment of IPBES in 2011. These have been held in order to update a wide range of interested organizations on the IPBES process and to informally discuss issues of concern related to the IPBES Work Programme. IPBES has a draft stakeholder engagement strategy, which was discussed by stakeholders in Bonn. During the closing session of this latest stakeholder meeting, participants agreed to continue consultations during IPBES-3 to ensure a high profile for stakeholder issues.

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