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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

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Research by ALTER-Net partners featured in magazine ◄A►

The latest issue of International Innovation (Environment) considers research needs post-Rio+20

The latest issue of International Innovation (Environment) focusses on research relevant to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Flicking through it will reveal that ALTER-Net partners feature stongly, being involved in - and in many cases coordinating - several of the featured projects. Example projects featured in the magazine include:

  • LIMITS (p10 - involving PIK)
  • ICP-IM (p42), EuroGEOSS (p50 - coordinated by SLU)
  • TERENO (p53 - coordinated by UFZ)
  • AMAZALERT (p80 - coordinated by Alterra and involving CNRS and PIK )
  • ROBIN (p83 - coordinated by NERC-CEH and involving Alterra, IFF and PIK)
  • BIO_SOS (p86 - involving Alterra)
  • BioVEL (p89 - involving IEB-CER-HAS)


The range of projects involving ALTER-Net partners is not surprising given the wide range of research expertise within our network.

The issue is well-worth reading by anyone interested in research concerning natural ecosystem and sustainable use of natural resources. A wide range of terrestrial and marine research is featured and there are also articles on data management, earth observation and environmental policy development. The last word presents a speech by Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment in which he discusses the EU response to the Rio+20 summit.

If you are interested in developing a research partnership with one or more ALTER-Net member institutes you can contact our Coordinator or approach ALTER-Net partners directly.

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