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Sustainability Special Issue: "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service: Challenges for the Future"

In June 2019, ALTER-Net and EKLIPSE jointly hosted a forward-looking conference on the subject of the post-2020 European Biodiversity Strategy. This conference considered research insights and needs for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe. The outputs of this conference include the Key Messages, which have been used for consultation of the new Biodiversity Strategy and European Green Deal.

Now, an important new output is available to the public: an open-source, special issue of Sustainability entitled "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges for the Future."

Dr. Philip Roche (ALTER-Net Management Board, INRAE) served as Guest Editor for this special issues and articles resulting from the conference workshops are featured.


Special Edition Information

A growing stock of evidence backs the pivotal role of biodiversity in supporting the capacity of ecosystems to provide a wide range of ecosystem services. Nevertheless, the relationship between the different levels of biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services is still poorly defined and assessed. Recent studies indicate that the current global erosion of biodiversity and the degradation of habitats are at the core of serious concerns for the future of human wellbeing.

The capacity of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services should be considered as non-rival and with interdependent objectives that have to be addressed by management options and policies at all scales. New ideas and results are needed in order to support and promote the role of biodiversity as a key component supporting ecosystem resilience, and as an insurance value for the sustainable provisioning of ecosystem services in socio-ecological systems.

In this Special Issue, we will welcome papers addressing the different aspects of biodiversity and ecosystem service relationships from the ecological, societal, and economical points of view. Basic and applied research papers are equally expected. Special interest will be given to the papers addressing policy issues such the biodiversity strategies from national to global levels.

Dr. Philip K. Roche
Dr. C. Sylvie Campagne
Guest Editors