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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

Europe’s ecosystem research network


Statements and questions on Target 3

EU-target 3.1 and 3.2: Ensure the sustainability of agriculture and forestry


Statement 1 (Agriculture): The aim to increase the sustainability of agriculture by biodiversity protection measures on farmland might be undermined by the pressure to produce more food and intensify agriculture.

  1. What are the mechanisms by which biodiversity protection incentives for managed farmland produce conservation outcomes?


Statement 2 (Forestry): The aim to increase forest biodiversity conservation through planning and other sustainability-enhancing instruments is dependent on the formal implementation as well as motivation and engagement of forest managers.

  1. How can EU level policy trigger new sustainable forest management practices and engage land-owners and professionals in conserving biodiversity?


Statement 3 (both): The European biodiversity conservation targets and sustainability requirements can increase the pressure to import food and other produce from outside Europe from areas that are out of the reach of European sustainability monitoring.

  1. How to evaluate, develop and enforce sustainability criteria that apply across protected and managed landscapes within and outside Europe, even in biodiversity hotspot areas?


Statement 4 (both): The biodiversity protection goal-setting and policy designed at the EU level might not change the behaviour of natural resource managing land-owners and professionals sufficiently to conserve biodiversity.

  1. How can European Union level policy trigger new sustainable management practices and engage natural resource managing land-owners and professionals in conserving biodiversity?

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