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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

Europe’s ecosystem research network


Target 5 session

Target 5: Address the problem of invasive alien species

This target session includes oral presentations about EU target 5 and, after the break, a workshop in which small groups can formulate recommendations concerning these statements.

9.00 Jiska van Dijk (NINA) Welcome and introduction to the session
9.00-9.20 Myriam Dumortier (EU DG Env) Policy background of the EU-target 5 rationale, actions which EU plans and what EU wants to achieve
9.20-9.40 Jan Pergl (IBOT) Successes and failures of our understanding of Alien Species invasions
9.40-10.00 Helen Roy (CEH)

The importance of collaborative networks for underpinning strategy on Invasive Alien Species


Hanno Sandvik (NTNU) and
Jens Åström (NINA)

Aligning scientific knowledge to risk, impact and index frameworks suitable for policy and practitioners

10.30-10.50 Jiska van Dijk (NINA) On Science review & introduction of workshop on statements
10.50-11.00 Comments on the target and statements

Coffee/Tea break



Workshop facilitated by Jiska van Dijk &

Sanna Riikka Saarela(SYKE)

Subgroup workshops aiming at recommendations for each statement