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ALTER-Net: A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

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Summer School panorama. Photo by Martin Sharman

Programme & Speakers

The 2020 Summer School is cancelled. Themes for next year may include:


  • An introduction to the 2020 ALTER-Net summer school – Allan Watt
  • Why should we conserve biodiversity? – Martin Sharman
  • Ecosystem services – Emilie Crouzat
  • Can the ecosystem service and nature’s contributions to people concepts help engage stakeholders and local decision-makers? – Berta Martin Lopez & Francis Turkelboom
  • Climate change, biodiversity and intergovernmental processes – Wolfgang Cramer
  • Policy making and planning in an uncertain future – Marc Metzger
  • Biodiversity conservation and conflict – Steve Redpath
  • Biodiversity and transformational change in the rural environment – Nicolas Dendoncker
  • Transformational change: an environmental psychology perspective – Melissa Marselle
  • The honest broker in practice – Roger Pielke Jr.
  • What role for forestry in a future Europe – Raoul Mille
  • Should we price nature to save it? – Erik Gomez-Baggethun


The structure of the school will be similar to the 2019 Programme:

SS programme 2019 pic

The 2019 Summer School programme will include the following talks, presentations, and events:

Day 1: Arrival and Introductions

  • Welcome and introductions (Allan Watt)
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services: an introduction to the summer school (Allan Watt)
  • The history of Peyresq - village walk (Jean Vancompernolle)

Day 2: Poster Presentations and Discussions

  • Poster presentations and introduction to project (Martin Sharman & tutors)
  • RESCHEDULED: Policy making and planning in an uncertain future (Marc Metzger)

Day 3: Ecosystem Services, Policymaking, and Scenarios

  • RESCHEDULED: I met a traveller from an antique land (Martin Sharman)
  • Trade-offs, synergies and bundles: insights from ecosystem service assessments in mountain systems (Emilie Crouzat)
  • Excursion: Hike to countryside to visit local stakeholder shepherds

Day 4: Ecosystem Services, Local Decision-makers, Nature and Cities

  • Does the ecosystem service concept help local decisionmakers? (Francis Turkelboom)
  • Cities and nature: common past, common future? (André Mascarenhas)

Day 5: Climate Change, Nitrogen and Biodiversity Conflicts

  • Climate change, biodiversity and intergovernmental processes (Wolfgang Cramer)
  • Nitrogen: godfather of pollution or answer to world food shortages? (Mark Sutton)
  • Biodiversity conflicts (Steve Redpath)

Day 6: Case Study Field Trip

  • Case study field trip (Frédéric Guiter, Nicolas Dendoncker, Emilie Crouzat and Marie Vandewalle)

Day 7: Stakeholder Engagement, the Science-Policy Interface, and IPBES

  • Stakeholder engagement in biodiversity conservation (Juliette Young)
  • Working with scientists and policymakers (Rob Brooker)
  • IPBES and the science-policy interface (Adam Vanbergen)

Day 8: Ecosystem Assessment, Farmers, and Planetary Boundaries

  • Ecosystem assessment, valuation etc. (Sander Jacobs)
  • Do you want to save biodiversity? Save farmers first! (Nicolas Dendoncker)
  • Planetary boundaries (Andrea Downing)

Day 9: Valuing Nature and Transformation Towards Sustainability

  • Should we price nature to save it? (Erik Gomez)
  • Transformations towards sustainability (Sybille van den Hove)

Day 10: Concluding Sessions

  • Working group sessions
  • Presentation of the working groups, reflections on the summer school (conveners, etc.), and feedback sessions

Day 11: Departure